Waylon Jennings – Honky Tonk Heroes (1973)

AllMusic Review: When Waylon Jennings hooked up with songwriter Billy Joe Shaver, he found the perfect author for his obsessions, his fascinations, and his very image. Waylon had always been looking, perhaps unintentionally, for a common ground between country and rock, and Shaver’s songs — sketching an outlaw stance with near defiance and borrowing rock attitude to create the hardest country tunes imaginable — were perfect. On his previous album, Waylon had sung that “ladies love outlaws,” but now he found the music that would soon be called outlaw country, a defiant, ballsy blend of mythmaking and truth-telling. Shaver never had a better voice for his songs, and Jennings never had better songs for his style. Honky Tonk Heroes arrived at a crucial moment, a time when true honky tonk was fading, so only a dose of rock & roll could save it. And, no matter how much rock attitude is here, this is pure country in its stance and attitude — yet Honky Tonk Heroes’ very defiance makes it a perfect discovery album for listeners who never thought they would like country music. And the songs! Shaver earned his stripes here, with songs that were emotional, funny, and clever, utterly bringing the mythic outlaw ethic to life. “Black Rose,” “You Asked Me To,” and “Honky Tonk Heroes” remain among the greatest things Waylon ever cut, and every other song here matches them. Few country albums have ever been this consistent, and few records, from any genre, have been as consistently compelling. A wonderful album — one that’s hard to tire of. — Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

All tracks are written by Billy Joe Shaver, except where noted.

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Honky Tonk Heroes” 3:36
2. “Old Five and Dimers Like Me” 3:06
3. “Willy the Wandering Gypsy and Me” 3:03
4. “Low Down Freedom” 2:21
5. “Omaha” Shaver, Hillman Hall 2:38
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “You Ask Me To” Shaver, Waylon Jennings 2:31
2. “Ride Me Down Easy” 2:38
3. “Ain’t No God in Mexico” 2:00
4. “Black Rose” 2:29
5. “We Had It All” Troy Seals, Donnie Fritts 2:44


Schill Score: 7/10


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