John Cale – Paris 1919 (1973)

AllMusic Review: One of John Cale’s very finest solo efforts, Paris 1919 is also among his most accessible records, one which grows in depth and resonance with each successive listen. A consciously literary work — the songs even bear titles like “Child’s Christmas in Wales,” “Macbeth,” and “Graham Greene” — Paris 1919 is close in spirit to a collection of short stories; the songs are richly poetic, enigmatic period pieces strongly evocative of their time and place. Chris Thomas’ production is appropriately lush and sweeping, with many tracks set to orchestral accompaniment; indeed, there’s little here to suggest either Cale’s noisy, abrasive past or the chaos about to resurface in his subsequent work — for better or worse, his music never achieved a similar beauty again. — Jason Ankeny

Track Listing:

Side A
No. Title Length
1. “Child’s Christmas in Wales” 3:21
2. “Hanky Panky Nohow” 2:46
3. “The Endless Plain of Fortune” 4:13
4. “Andalucia” 3:54
5. “Macbeth” 3:08
Side B
No. Title Length
6. “Paris 1919” 4:07
7. “Graham Greene” 3:00
8. “Half Past France” 4:20
9. “Antarctica Starts Here” 2:47


Schill Score:  8.25/10


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