Bert Jansch – Bert Jansch (1964)

“Bert Jansch” is the debut album from Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch, released in 1965. It is widely regarded as a classic of the British folk revival, showcasing Jansch’s intricate fingerpicking guitar style and his haunting vocals. Here is a track listing and review of the album:

“Strolling Down the Highway” – The opening track sets the tone for the album, with Jansch’s delicate fingerpicking and introspective lyrics creating a melancholy atmosphere.

“Smokey River” – This haunting ballad features Jansch’s unique vocal style and poetic lyrics, as he sings about lost love and the passing of time.

“Oh How Your Love Is Strong” – Jansch’s guitar playing takes center stage on this track, as he showcases his impressive fingerpicking technique and melodic sensibility.

“I Have No Time” – This somber track features Jansch’s plaintive vocals and a sparse, atmospheric arrangement that perfectly complements the melancholy lyrics.

“Finches” – Jansch’s guitar playing is particularly impressive on this instrumental track, as he weaves together intricate melodies and harmonies to create a mesmerizing sound.

“Rambling’s Gonna Be the Death of Me” – This uptempo track features a catchy melody and Jansch’s bluesy vocals, as he sings about the hardships of a life on the road.

“Veronica” – This delicate ballad showcases Jansch’s poetic lyricism and emotional depth, as he sings about a lost love.

“Needle of Death” – One of Jansch’s most famous songs, “Needle of Death” is a haunting ballad that deals with the devastating effects of drug addiction.

“Do You Hear Me Now?” – This upbeat track features a catchy melody and Jansch’s distinctive vocals, as he sings about the power of music to transcend boundaries.

“Alice’s Wonderland” – The closing track is a gentle instrumental that showcases Jansch’s fingerpicking guitar style, with delicate melodies and intricate harmonies.

Overall, “Bert Jansch” is a masterpiece of British folk music, showcasing Jansch’s impeccable guitar playing and poetic lyricism. It remains a must-listen for any fan of the genre and is a testament to Jansch’s enduring legacy as one of the greatest folk musicians of all time.


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