Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (1957)

Here’s Little Richard is the debut album from Little Richard, released on 4 March 1957. He had scored six Top 40 hits the previous year, some of which were included on this recording. It was his highest charting album, at 13 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart. The album contained two of Richard’s biggest hits, “Long Tall Sally”, which reached No. 6, and “Jenny, Jenny”, which reached No. 10 in the U.S. Pop chart. It also contained “Tutti Frutti” (his first hit), “Slippin’ and Slidin'”, and “Rip It Up,” all of which were Billboard top 40 hits; and “Ready Teddy”, “She’s Got It,” and “Miss Ann,” all of which, in addition to the prior songs listed, were top 10 Billboard “Hot R&B Singles.” In all, 9 of the LP’s 12 songs made the US Billboard Hot 100 charts between 1955 and 1958. (See Little Richard discography for a complete listing of chart positions.)

Track Listing:

Side one

“Tutti Frutti”
“True, Fine Mama”
“Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave”
“Ready Teddy”
“Slippin’ and Slidin'”

Side two

“Long Tall Sally”
“Miss Ann”
“Oh Why?”
“Rip It Up”
“Jenny, Jenny”
“She’s Got It”

When you talk quintessential rock and roll albums. This has to be one of them. Elvis was big at the time. But when Little Richard busted out “Tutti Frutti” that was a game changer. It turned the whole Rock/Rock-a-billy thing from a white type of music into something that could cross generations.

This album little Richard crosses generations. With rock songs like “Tutti Frutti” but then going into straight Memphis Blues like “Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave”. It crosses genres and it a must hear.

Schill Score: 8.25/10

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