Sabu Martinez – Palo Congo (1957)

Palo Congo is the first album by conguero Sabu Martinez, featuring Arsenio Rodríguez and his brothers Raúl and “Kike”.[2] It was recorded and released in 1957 through Blue Note Records.

This is the quintessential conga record.

Track Listing:

1. “El cumbanchero”
2. “Billumba-Palo Congo”
3. “Choferito-Plena”
4. “Asabache”
5. “Simba”
6. “Rhapsodia del Maravilloso”
7. “Aggo Elegua”
8. “Tribilín cantore”

Review: This is the best percussionist band of all time. You have other bands such as “amazing bongo band” but nothing comes close to this. Musically? It is awesome? Not so much. But it is like the best goddamn drum circle of all time.

Schill Score: 6/10

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