Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out (1959)

“Time Out” is a legendary jazz album by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, released in 1959. Here’s a track listing for the album, along with a brief review of each track:

“Blue Rondo à la Turk” – The album’s opening track is a lively, up-tempo number with a catchy 9/8 time signature. Brubeck’s piano work is energetic and playful, and the saxophone and drums add just the right amount of punch.

“Strange Meadowlark” – This is a beautiful, contemplative ballad with a gentle, wistful feel. Brubeck’s piano work is sensitive and nuanced, and the saxophone adds a lovely, mournful quality.

“Take Five” – This is perhaps the most famous track on the album, and for good reason. It’s a timeless jazz classic with an unforgettable melody and a hypnotic 5/4 time signature. The saxophone work by Paul Desmond is exquisite, and Brubeck’s piano solo is both intricate and soulful.

“Three to Get Ready” – This track has a playful, upbeat vibe that’s hard to resist. The piano work is bouncy and fun, and the saxophone and drums add just the right amount of swing.

“Kathy’s Waltz” – This is a lovely, romantic waltz with a dreamy, nostalgic feel. Brubeck’s piano work is lush and evocative, and the saxophone adds a haunting quality.

“Everybody’s Jumpin'” – This is another up-tempo, swingin’ number with a catchy melody and tight rhythms. The saxophone work is fantastic, and Brubeck’s piano solo is full of energy and enthusiasm.

“Pick Up Sticks” – The album closes with this lively, high-energy track that’s full of intricate rhythms and playful piano work. The saxophone and drums are both outstanding, and Brubeck’s piano solo is a tour de force of technical skill and musicality.

Overall, “Time Out” is a landmark jazz album that’s still beloved by fans around the world. The album’s use of unusual time signatures and creative arrangements was groundbreaking at the time, and it continues to inspire jazz musicians today. With its catchy melodies, outstanding instrumental work, and impeccable musicianship, “Time Out” is a must-listen for any jazz fan.


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