Dolly Parton – Coat Of Many Colours (1971)

AllMusic Review: Dolly Parton had a number of hits in the late ’60s as Porter Wagoner’s duet partner, yet solo success eluded her until her 1971 album Coat of Many Colors. The title track was a Top Ten single, and it effectively became her signature song, largely because it was a sweetly autobiographical tune about her childhood. That song, along with its two hit predecessors, “Traveling Man” and “My Blue Tears,” were evidence that Parton was a strong songwriter, but the full album reveals the true depth of her talents. She wrote seven of the ten songs (Wagoner wrote the other three), none of which is filler. There isn’t really a theme behind Coat of Many Colors, even if its title track suggests otherwise. Instead, it’s a remarkably consistent album, in terms of songwriting and performances, but also remarkably diverse, revealing that Dolly can handle ballads, country-rockers, tearjerkers, and country-pop with equal aplomb. And while it is very short, clocking in at under a half-hour, there isn’t a wasted moment on the album. It’s a lean, trim album that impresses because of succinctness — with its ten songs, it announced Parton as a major talent in her own right, not merely a duet partner. — Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Recording date Length
1. “Coat of Many Colors” Dolly Parton April 27, 1971 3:05
2. “Traveling Man” Parton April 16, 1971 2:40
3. “My Blue Tears” Parton April 16, 1971 2:16
4. “If I Lose My Mind” Porter Wagoner April 27, 1971 2:29
5. “The Mystery of the Mystery” Wagoner April 27, 1971 2:28
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Recording date Length
1. “She Never Met a Man (She Didn’t Like)” Parton October 30, 1969 2:41
2. “Early Morning Breeze” Parton January 26, 1971 2:54
3. “The Way I See You” Wagoner April 27, 1971 2:46
4. “Here I Am” Parton April 27, 1971 3:19
5. “A Better Place to Live” Parton October 30, 1969 2:39


Schill Score: 9/10


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