Sam Cooke – Live At The Harlem Square (1963)

“Live at the Harlem Square” is a stunning live album from the legendary Sam Cooke. Recorded at the Harlem Square Club in Miami, Florida on January 12, 1963, the album captures Cooke at his electrifying best. The energy and passion that Cooke brings to the stage are palpable, and the audience is clearly captivated by his incredible talent.

Here’s the track listing for the album:

“Soul Twist/Introduction” – 3:26
“Feel It (Don’t Fight It)” – 3:04
“Chain Gang” – 3:13
“Cupid” – 2:41
“It’s All Right/For Sentimental Reasons” – 4:38
“Twistin’ the Night Away” – 6:14
“Somebody Have Mercy” – 6:19
“Bring It on Home to Me” – 4:25
“Nothing Can Change This Love” – 2:41
“Having a Party” – 7:40
The album opens with “Soul Twist/Introduction,” a high-energy track that immediately gets the audience excited for the show. Cooke then launches into “Feel It (Don’t Fight It),” a fast-paced, funky tune that showcases his incredible vocal range.

“Chain Gang” is a classic Cooke hit that sounds even better in a live setting. The crowd sings along with every word, making the performance feel like a true celebration of Cooke’s music. “Cupid” is a sweet and romantic ballad that shows off Cooke’s softer side.

“It’s All Right/For Sentimental Reasons” is a medley that seamlessly blends two classic songs together. Cooke’s smooth, soulful voice is on full display here, and the performance is nothing short of breathtaking.

“Twistin’ the Night Away” is a true highlight of the album. Cooke’s energy is infectious, and the audience can’t help but dance along to this catchy tune. “Somebody Have Mercy” is a bluesy track that showcases Cooke’s incredible talent for storytelling through music.

“Bring It on Home to Me” is a soulful ballad that Cooke delivers with incredible emotion and passion. “Nothing Can Change This Love” is a beautiful, slow-burning ballad that highlights Cooke’s incredible vocal control.

The album closes with “Having a Party,” a rollicking tune that gets the entire crowd on their feet. Cooke’s energy is contagious, and it’s impossible not to feel like you’re part of the party while listening to this track.

In conclusion, “Live at the Harlem Square” is a must-listen album for fans of Sam Cooke and lovers of soul music in general. The energy and passion that Cooke brings to the stage are truly something special, and this album captures that magic perfectly.


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