Frank Sinatra – In The Wee Small Hours (1955)

In the Wee Small Hours is the ninth studio album by American vocalist Frank Sinatra. It was released in April 1955 by Capitol and produced by Voyle Gilmore with arrangements by Nelson Riddle. All the songs on the album deal with themes such as loneliness, introspection, lost love, failed relationships, depression and night life. In the Wee Small Hours has been called one of the first concept albums. The cover artwork reflects these themes, portraying Sinatra on an eerie and deserted street awash in blue-tinged street lights

Track Listing:

1. “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning”
2. “Mood Indigo”
3. “Glad to Be Unhappy”
4. “I Get Along Without You Very Well”
5. “Deep in a Dream”
6. “I See Your Face Before Me”
7. “Can’t We Be Friends?”
8. “When Your Lover Has Gone?

Side 2

9. “What Is This Thing Called Love?”
10. “Last Night When We Were Young”
11. “I’ll Be Around”
12. “Ill Wind”
13. “It Never Entered My Mind”
14. “Dancing on the Ceiling”
15. “I’ll Never Be the Same”
16. “This Love of Mine”


Look, Obviously Sinatra is one of the greatest singers of all time, and for about a 30 year period, everything he did was amazing. This album is awesome, but it’s also the height of generic. Most of the songs are old cover songs, and the ones that aren’t were probably written in about 10 minutes. There’s no actual substance to any of the songs. Plus the majority of them actually sound the same. They had the same frame work and sound and just ran with it on almost every one of the songs.

Schill Score: 3/10

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