BB King – Live At The Regal (1965)

BB King’s “Live At The Regal” is considered one of the greatest live blues albums of all time. It was recorded at the Regal Theater in Chicago on November 21, 1964, and released the following year by ABC-Paramount Records.

Here’s a track listing for the album:

“Every Day I Have the Blues”
“Sweet Little Angel”
“It’s My Own Fault”
“How Blue Can You Get?”
“Please Love Me”
“You Upset Me Baby”
“Worry, Worry”
“Woke up This Morning” (My Baby’s Gone)
“You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now”
“Help the Poor”

The album kicks off with the classic “Every Day I Have the Blues,” which features King’s trademark guitar playing and soulful vocals. “Sweet Little Angel” and “It’s My Own Fault” are other standout tracks, with King’s guitar solos taking center stage.

“How Blue Can You Get?” is another highlight, with King’s vocals dripping with emotion as he sings about heartbreak. “Please Love Me” and “You Upset Me Baby” showcase King’s ability to write catchy, upbeat blues tunes.

The album’s second half features some slower, more introspective tracks, including “Worry, Worry” and “You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now.” The album closes with “Help the Poor,” a powerful track that urges listeners to help those less fortunate.

Overall, “Live At The Regal” is a masterclass in blues guitar playing and a must-have for any fan of the genre. King’s live performance is electrifying and the album captures the raw energy and emotion of a live blues show.


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