Superchunk – What a Time to Be Alive (2018)

Superchunk’s album “What a Time to Be Alive,” released in 2018, is a powerful and politically charged record that showcases the band’s enduring passion and energy for creating infectious indie rock. With this album, Superchunk delivers a collection of songs that are both anthemic and introspective, channeling their frustrations and hopes in the face of turbulent times.

The album opens with the title track “What a Time to Be Alive,” a rousing and defiant anthem that immediately grabs listeners with its catchy guitar hooks and frontman Mac McCaughan’s passionate vocals. The song sets the tone for the rest of the record, inviting listeners to join the band in confronting the challenges of the present.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Erasure,” a driving and explosive song that features heartfelt lyrics and showcases the band’s signature blend of punk and indie rock influences. The song’s urgent rhythms and anthemic chorus make it a defining moment of the record.

Throughout “What a Time to Be Alive,” Superchunk’s songwriting is sharp and incisive, with tracks like “Lost My Brain” and “Reagan Youth” confronting issues of political turmoil and social injustice. The album’s lyrics are thought-provoking and introspective, reflecting the band’s ability to process the complexities of the world around them.

Another highlight of the album is “I Got Cut,” a poignant and reflective track that showcases the band’s more melodic and emotive side. The song’s introspective lyrics and heartfelt delivery make it a standout moment on the record.

“What a Time to Be Alive” also features impressive musical arrangements, with a blend of energetic guitar-driven rock and catchy melodies that create a vibrant and engaging sound. The album’s production is polished yet raw, capturing the band’s live energy and creating an authentic and impactful listening experience.

In addition to its compelling lyrics and musical arrangements, “What a Time to Be Alive” stands out for its thematic coherence and Superchunk’s authentic and unapologetic presence. The album is a rallying cry and a call to action, making it a relevant and timely work of art.

In conclusion, Superchunk’s “What a Time to Be Alive” is a powerful and politically charged album that showcases the band’s enduring talent as musicians and songwriters. With its anthemic melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and themes of resilience and hope, the album remains a standout work in the indie rock genre and a testament to Superchunk’s status as one of the most influential and respected bands in contemporary music. “What a Time to Be Alive” is a must-listen for Superchunk fans and anyone looking for an album that addresses the challenges of the present with passion and authenticity, and it stands as one of the most significant albums of 2018.


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