Chappell Roan – The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess (2023)

Chappell Roan’s The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is a captivating debut album that seamlessly blends genres and emotions to create a cohesive and impactful listening experience. Released in 2023, the album has garnered critical acclaim for its raw vulnerability, infectious melodies, and Roan’s powerful vocals.

With its vibrant blend of disco, country, and 90s pop influences, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of growing up in the Midwest. Roan’s lyrics are deeply personal and relatable, exploring themes of identity, sexuality, and self-discovery with honesty and insight.

The album opens with the infectious “Casual,” a disco-infused anthem that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Roan’s powerful vocals soar over the upbeat tempo, capturing the excitement and uncertainty of young adulthood.

“My Kink is Karma” follows, a catchy pop song with a hint of sass. Roan sings about finding joy in revenge, taking on toxic ex-lovers with a playful, tongue-in-cheek attitude.

The album takes a more introspective turn with “Picture You,” a country-tinged ballad that explores the depths of heartbreak. Roan sings about longing for a lost love, her voice full of raw emotion.

As the album progresses, Roan delves into deeper themes of sexuality and identity. “Naked in Manhattan” is a vibrant disco-pop anthem about liberation and self-acceptance, while “The Ballad of Jane Doe” is a poignant ballad about a transgender woman’s journey of self-discovery.

The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is a powerful and moving album that celebrates the struggles and triumphs of young adulthood. Roan’s music is both personal and universal, capturing the essence of what it means to be alive in today’s world. With its infectious melodies, raw vulnerability, and powerful vocals, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is a must-listen for fans of pop, country, and disco alike.


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